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To appreciate the importance of Movies4kids, it’s first necessary to understand the problems facing El Paso and its underprivileged youth. El Paso is one of the poorest big cities (500,000 or more residents) in the country and lags behind the rest of the country by most criterion of academic achievement. The most unfortunate victims of this situation, and the ones who have the potential to change it, are the region’s disadvantaged children. Due to extreme poverty, complicated home dynamics, or often both, too many children in this city find themselves without families. Fortunately, there are various organizations and foster families that nobly step in to house and care for these children. However, despite their great work, foster children still have seemingly insurmountable hurdles to overcome. Without families, they often lack the emotional support-structure that is so important to a child’s development. Moreover, it’s easy for children in foster care to feel excluded by the rest of society. Not only do they not live in normal homes, but they don’t get to do all the activities that come with that: family trips, holidays, movie nights etc. Children can draw tragic conclusions from such circumstances: I’m not a normal child, so I’m not capable of becoming a normal adult.

Movies4Kids is requesting sponsorship help to expand our initiative to reach more children in a more meaningful way. Our project has been successful to this point but we’ve only reached a relatively small number of the many disadvantaged and chronically ill children around El Paso. In addition to including more children, we hope to offer a greater variety of services that we believe will help deliver longer lasting impact.

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